Friday, January 12, 2007

Whose responsibility?

I just came from one of the conference workshops and some very interesting points were raised. One that I whole heartedly agree with is that minority media ownership does not mean good content. Although we need to have minorities own more radio stations or TV networks, with ownership comes responsibility.

One of the main reasons for pursuing media ownership is to tell stories about your community, or just from your point of view that is not being addressed by mainstreem media. Also, remember that media ownership does not have to be on a grand scale. There are many students who have graduated from Clark Atlanta University (CAU) who have started their own magazines and online publications; this is media ownership, and I have seen them handle their roles as owners responsibly.

We have to take ownership of how we are represented in the media and, in turn, how people perceive us. I applaud black networks, such as The Black Family Channel, that put out positive, informative and entertaining programming. But can everyone get this channel? No. Let's take charge.

I have to go now; they're rushing me off so others can put their thoughts down on paper -- well, I guess it's more like "on screen."

--Sharon Ochoa